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Attuning and Programming Your Crystals for Healing

It's time to start using the crystals you have in your collection. There is usually a reason why a crystal called to you and it's time now to answer that call. Once you have cleansed and charged your crystals, (read my blog post here on how to do this if you aren't sure) the next step is to attune them to your energies and program them with your healing intentions.

Inforgraphic showing different ways to cleanse crystals

Choosing a crystal for healing

Deciding which crystals to use for different types of ailments, be they physical, mental or spiritual can feel overwhelming. It seems everyone has a different opinion of which crystal does what! My advice here is to find a reliable source! Don't just rely on Google, maybe invest in a Crystal Healing Bible or Guide or use a crystal supply website that you feel aligned with. I use one of two ways:

  1. Refer to a reliable source as to what is recommended for the particular area you wish to heal;

  2. Use your intuition.

For me, I use a combination of the two. I use my intuition if I want to use a crystal I have in my collection to help heal something. I also refer to my reference guide (created from my various courses and readings over the years) if I don't feel the connection with a crystal I already have. When I don't feel the call from my intuition toward a crystal I own, I know that I need to invest in a different crystal to aid in the healing process.

Attuning to a crystal

So, once you have chosen or purchased your crystal, after you have cleansed it, there are two processes I like to do, attuning and programming. These two practices ensure that the crystal is working with your energy and aiding in healing the area you want it to.

When you attune with your crystal you are creating a bond with its energy. This bond tunes the crystal to your unique mind and vibration, making it a part of your psyche.

Attuning to a crystal is a really quick and simple process and I would strongly suggest you do it with any crystal you plan on using to aid you in any way.

Written guide on attuning to crystals
  1. Meditate. Find a quiet space, somewhere you won't be disturbed. You may like to have some gentle music on in the background, or you can sit in silence if you prefer. In a comfortable, seated position, take hold of the crystal in your non-dominant hand. Now, focus your mind on the crystal. Try to feel the energy of the crystal as it sits in your palm. Meditate in this way for between 10 and 15 minutes.

  2. Carry it with you. Keep the crystal with you either in a pocket or a pouch in your bra or if it's a piece of jewellery, wear it as much as possible.

  3. Take time to gaze at your crystal. Look at the facets, imperfections, inclusions, colour variations, its shape and feel. Become familiar with every angle and facet of the crystal and begin to see and feel your energies becoming one.

The more time you spend with your crystals, the more their energies will begin to attune to yours. Crystals naturally have a high vibration so being in their presence raises your vibration, helping you heal and align with your highest good.

Programming Your Crystal

It is possible to program a crystal with your intention i.e. what you want the crystal to help you with. If the crystal's "typical" associations or healing properties are aligned with your intention then the programming will further enhance the crystal's healing properties. This is not to say that a different crystal will be less effective, the power of crystals is in a combination of their energetic frequency, your energetic vibration and how well you attune to and program the crystal.

For example, Amethyst is synonymous with helping ease stress and anxiety but there is no reason why you can't attune to the energy and then program it to support you in healing joint pain.

The versatility of crystals is one of the many reasons I love using them in a healing session!

So - how do you program a crystal? It's quite quick and easy.

First off, you want to get really specific on your intention. The intention should be crafted to be self-focused (using I statements), phrased in the present tense (think as though you are already healed/healthy) and positive. An intention might be "I am free of any joint pain and am able to move freely and with ease"

Once you are happy with your intention, take the crystal in your hand and begin to visualise your energy and the energy of the crystal meet, combe and merge together. See this energy flow moving between your hand and the crystal and see the energy of the crystal becoming one with yours. Begin to see and feel that energy flowing around the body.

Written guide on programming crystals

Next, while in this meditative state, recite your intention 3 times. While reciting your intention, really lean into the feeling and life experience of this intention. Visualise how you will feel and what your life will be like. Finish with "And so it is" to fix your intention to this crystal.

It is important to spend a couple of minutes each day holding your crystal and reaffirming your intention.

Creating your way of using different crystals is so powerful. You can take on as much of other people's practices as you wish. There is no right or wrong way. To support your work with crystals I have created a Crystal Guide Journal where you can record how you work with the crystals in your collection. There are 90 different crystals included, as well as blank pages to add your own. It's a great way of keeping a record of how you interact with and intuitively use crystals in your collection. Check it out here, or you can purchase it from Amazon!

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With love, light & kindness



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