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You've Bought a Crystal - So Now What?!

We all know the excitement of getting a new crystal or two! I am often blown away at what nature has created, often over thousands of years! But what do you do when you get your new crystals?

If you want to actually use your crystals rather than just having them as pretty decorations (and they are pretty, so that's totally ok too!), then read on!

First things first - Cleansing & Charging Crystals

With a new crystal I always, always cleanse it. Why? Because energy is everywhere! Each time something is handled or moved to a new location it picks up energy and takes it with it. We often don't know who has handled our crystal before it comes into our possession so I just like to give each one a quick cleanse to clean the energetic slate, so to speak, of the crystal.

6 different ways to cleanse crystals.  Using moonlight, salt, running water, smudge stick, sand or soil or incense smoke,

There are many different ways of cleansing crystals from leaving them out in the moon light, rinsing in running water (don't do this if you crystal should not be exposed to water i.e.fluorite, tourmaline, aquamarine, turquoise, pyrite, ruby, moonstone, hematite, selenite etc) using smoke from incense or a smudge stick, placing them in a salt bath (this is just a bowl filled with salt that you place your crystals in) or, you can even bury them in the earth (mother earth is a great neutraliser of energy!)

My favourite practice is to light some incense and waft each crystal through the smoke while reciting 3 times "I clear and release all energies not meant for me or my highest good." and I encourage you to create your own little ritual too!

Moving onto charging! There are two types of charging you can do. The first is to charge and amplify the nature properties of the crystal and the second is to charge the crystal with your energy and intention for using a specific crystal. If you want, you can do both types of charging.

Different ways to charge your crystals.  Use moonlight, sunlight, selenite, your breath, meditation, mindful intention or a crystal grid.

To charge the natural properties of the crystal I use moonlight or sunlight (beware, some crystals should not be exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods as it can have a bleaching effect), a selenite charging plate or a crystal grid.

To charge a crystal with my energy and or an intention I tend to use a meditation. This can be as simple as writing down your intention for what you want to create, then hold the crystal in your non dominant hand (usually the one you DON'T write with) and then repeat your intention between 3 and 5 times and visualise how it will look and feel to live life with your intention already in existence. You can also use a crystal grid to charge the crystals you want to use to help support you in achieving your intention.

To fully receive the energy of the crystal and for it to truly support you in creating whatever it is you want, keep it with you! You can wear crystals as jewellery and you can do this process with bracelets, necklaces or charms. Or if you have tumble crystals, you can keep them in your pockets or a purse or bag.

Crystals can be, and are, used in 1,000's of different ways already in our lives that we probably don't even realise. They contain so many different properties and wisdom from the earth from which they have been created. The more I learn about crystals the more I feel called to use them not only in my daily practices for also as healing tools when working with my clients. I have already added in the use of a crystal wand and crystal tumbles that represent the chakra's in Reiki Healings and have loved adding in crystal healings to my Intuitive Soul Healings.

If you would like to have somewhere to record how you program and use your crystals then I highly recommend "My Crystal Guide". This is my self-published crystal guide that allows you to record your use and practices for individual crystals. With over 90 common crystals and blank pages available, make this into YOUR personal crystal guide!

I would love to hear about your personal crystal uses and practices, reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok!!

Wendy x

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