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3 Top Tips For Beginning or Adding To Your Crystal Collection

Starting or adding to your crystal collection is so much fun and, I'm not going to lie, can become a little bit of an addiction. For me, something that started out as collecting pretty things has grown and evolved into a spiritual practice for personal growth and healing.

Crystals are so much more than pretty rocks you display around your home. Although, if that’s how you choose to use them, that’s perfectly fine too!

However, when you learn the amazing energy contained within crystals and their ability to

A woman holding a range of crystals in her outstretched hands

be programmed and attuned to you and your energies, a whole new world will open up around you.

I began collecting crystals many years ago and had no real idea about different crystals.  I guess in a way I was led by my intuition as I always purchased crystals I felt drawn to or thought were pretty.  I was purely focused on their aesthetics and nothing else.

As I began finding out more about crystals, and about how they are formed by the earth, I became (healthily) obsessed.  I followed Crystal Miners on Instagram and was blown away by the stunning natural points that were being pulled out of the ground.  Previously I'd thought that all points had been machined!

I began reading books on crystals and how different ancient cultures had been using crystals for healing and in talismans for thousands of years.  It was this fact, of our ancestors using crystals, that piqued my interest to learn more about crystal healing.  I then began collecting crystals intentionally.  Which, conveniently leads me to my first top tip!

1 – Intention

If you are looking to begin a crystal collection or add to an existing one but don’t know where to start, I highly recommend thinking about and journalling your thoughts are what exactly you are looking for support with. What are you hoping to achieve?  Do you want support with studies, dealing with stress and anxiety, focus during meditation or attracting abundance, for example?  The more specific you can be with your intent the better!

2 – Research

Depending on how in tune you are with your intuition, you can trust yourself to be guided to

Inforgraphic detailing the 4 ways to select crystals beign meditation, intention setting, Research and intuition

the right crystal for your needs, or you can do some research on which crystals are traditionally associated with the intention you set.

Google can be your best friend when it comes to finding out traditional associations for crystals.  There are also great books and even Pinterest as alternative sources for information.  Just know that you may find some conflicting information and this is when you need to trust yourself and your intuition.  If it feels right for you then go with that.  Just because someone else uses it for something different, doesn't mean you have to do it that way too.

Some common associations are:

  • Rose Quartz – Love, Relationships, Self Love

  • Amethyst – Easing Anxiety

  • Jade – Good Luck and Abundance

  • Labradorite – Intuition

  • Rainbow Fluorite - Concentration

3 – Using your Senses!

Another way, and one I love, for choosing crystals is to use your senses aka, your intuition.  This can be as simple as picking up a few different crystals and seeing if you get a “feeling” about a certain one.  Or, use your left hand to scan just above the crystals you are looking at and when you feel a tingling, a pull or even butterflies in your tummy, use this feeling as a guide as to which crystal you should purchase.


Crystal carving of a raven in labradorite with a selenite wand, clear quartz, malachite and rainbow fluorite crystals in the background

Using my senses to choose crystals is my favourite way to add crystals to my collection.  Sometimes you pick up a crystal and you just get a feeling.  It happened to me recently at a crystal fair.  I was there offering healings and I was browsing around some of the crystal stalls during a bit of a quiet period.  I wasn’t particularly looking for another crystal, sometimes it’s just nice to browse.  As I was looking over the table of crystals a labradorite

raven carving caught my eye and I thought “Aw, that’s so cute” thinking I would just have a look and then put it down.  However, when I picked it up I got the strongest pull of energy in my left arm and just a deep feeling of knowing in my gut that this crystal was meant for me.  I had handled a lot of crystals that day and this was the only one that I got this feeling from.  So naturally, I had to buy it!


At the end of the day, there is no bad way to add crystals to your collection.  If they call to you because of the colour, how they feel when you pick them up or because you’ve heard they help with something you are struggling with, go for it.  It’s your collection so there is no wrong way to do it!

I hope you enjoy building your crystal collection as much as I enjoy adding to mine.


With love, light and kindness


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