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5 Top Tips to Cleanse and Protect Your Energy

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I believe that everything is energy. Everything we touch, see, feel, think, and do is energy or has energy attached to it. We pick up and leave energy everywhere we go and with everyone we interact with. With this in mind, I wanted to share my 5 top tips on how to cleanse and protect your energy.

If you are skeptical at all about my view on energy, think about a time when you entered a building and the vibe felt off, or you witnessed someone walk into a room and the whole atmosphere changed - this is ALL energy!

So, before we get to HOW to cleanse and protect your energy, I wanted to share some reasons as to WHY you may want to protect and cleanse your energy.

Why should you cleanse your energy?

Our energy field is a bit like a sponge, absorbing the energies around us. Some of those energies may be negative, not aligned with our highest good, or just plain old yukky! If you don't give it a cleanse every now and then, you could be carrying around some pretty old, stagnant, and heavy energies.

Cleansing your energies can help to:

  • boost your mood - cleansing your energy will help you shake off negativity and begin to feel more positive.

infographic depicting the indications that you may be in need of an energy cleanse such as feeling run down, catching viruses, procrastinating and being unproductive, being quick to anger in relationships and when you just feel off!
  • enhance your intuition - your energy field is closely linked to your intuition. When it is cluttered with negativity or stagnant it can make it difficult for you to hear your intuition guiding you. By keeping your energy clear, you'll find it easier to trust your gut instincts.

  • improve your relationships - negativity puts a strain on all relationships. When you are radiating positive energy you can attract more positive people into your life as well as maintain existing positive relationships. By keeping your energies clean and clear you are setting yourself up for success in whatever you desire.

  • increase productivity - we all know we are infinitely more productive on the days we feel good! That's because positive energy fuels creativity and focus.

  • protect your physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being - stress and negativity impact our health in so many ways. By maintaining a healthy energy field, you'll reduce your risk of illness while improving your sense of happiness and vitality.

How to cleanse your energy.

Now you've probably heard about smudging your home to clear the energy there but how do you clear your own energy and how do you protect it once it's been cleansed?

I am so glad you asked!!!

There are SO many ways you can cleanse and then protect your energy. Here I am going to share a few that I use regularly that are relatively quick and inexpensive. You don't need to create a big ritual for a cleanse to be effective, although you can if you want to!

how to cleanse your energy, incense smoke, sage smudge stick smoke, selenite wands, aura cleanse visualisation or meditation, shower meditation and spending time in nature
  1. Incense Smoke - for this you can use any incense you like. I personally love Nag Champa, which you can purchase from pretty much anywhere. Many of the Roni-type stores have incense at around $2 or $3 for a pack. Incense holders to catch the ash are also relatively inexpensive. Simply light the incense of your choice and waft the smoke around your aura while reciting a cleansing affirmation such as "I cleanse, clear, and release any and all energies not meant for me or my highest good"

  2. Crystal Cleanse - I love to use a selenite stick to cleanse my energies if I am somewhere I can't or don't want to use smoke. I think of it as being like one of those sticky rollers you use to get pet fur off clothes! You simply wave the selenite stick or wand all around your body starting at the top of the head and going down to your feet. As you go, visualise the selenite picking up any negative, stagnant, or redundant energy your higher self knows you no longer need. To cleanse and recharge the selenite simply leave it on a windowsill for 24 hours where it will get both moonlight and sunlight.

  3. Visualisation Meditation - I love this as it's a quick and easy practice anyone can do, even if you believe you can't meditate! Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed for around 5 minutes and put your phone on silent. Close your eyes and take 3 beautiful deep breaths. With each inhalation make sure you feel your chest and abdomen rise, hold the breath for a moment or two, before releasing the breath through the mouth and being aware or your chest and abdomen falling. Now visualise a bright white light above the head, this light has come from Source, God, Higher Self, or whatever word resonates. Visualise this white light gently flowing down the body. As it flows over and around the body it takes any negative, stagnant, or redundant energies with it. The glow slowly begins to dissipate, as it travels down your body, and you see the light being absorbed into the earth beneath you where the energy is neutralised and returned to the Universe. Take a final deep breath in and out, open your eyes and show gratitude to yourself for devoting this time to your own well-being. Alternativley, subscribe here and receive my NEW Guided Meditation to Cleanse and Protect your enery.

  4. Shower Meditation - A beautiful, quick meditation to add to your shower routine! Take in a deep breath, and as the water is washing over your body, visualise it taking any energy that is no longer serving you, that is negative or misaligned, being washed away and taken down the drain. You can also add in a little mantra such as "I wash away any energy that is not mine to carry and nourish myself in a vibrant golden light."

  5. Connect To Nature - Nature is a master healer and when left alone balances all things beautifully. Connecting to nature can be as quick and simple as walking barefoot in your garden! Focus on releasing energies that are not yours or for your highest good. Visualise them being absorbed into the ground where Mother Earth cleanses and neutralises them.

So now you have beautiful cleansed and aligned energy! The next step is to protect that energy as much as possible from negativity - from the inside and outside!

How to protect your energy

As previously mentioned everything, our thoughts, feelings, and actions, are all energy! The more positive we can be in our intentions around these things, the more we can keep our energy at a higher vibration meaning we will feel better for longer!

When it comes to protecting our energy from external sources some simple practices can really help.

black protection rune
  1. Avoid energy vampires! - you know those people who leave you feeling drained, full of self-doubt, and just not feeling good! It's time to start implementing some boundaries with those people. Limit the amount of time you spend in their company!

  2. Protection Visualisation - each morning visualise a protective white light surrounding your body, like an aura. Empower this white light with the ability to repel any energies that are not aligned with you or come from a source of malintent.

  3. Protection Rune - draw the protection rune on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket, purse or bag. This will help protect your energy and ward off anyone who does not have your best interests at heart. I also like to draw this symbol under my front door mat to keep only positive energies coming into my home.

  4. Protection Crystals - I LOVE crystals!!! They have so many uses and come in so many different forms from tumbles to jewellery that you can choose how and where you use them! Crystals that are great for protection include black tourmaline, black obsidian (great for absorbing energies from electronic devices), smoky quartz, amethyst, labradorite, and fluorite. Grab some tumbles for your back, points for around your workspace, or wear a bracelet or pendant necklace.

How to protect you energy by using a protection rune, aviding energy vampires, visualisation technique or crystals

Setting your intention to not allow negative energies to stick to you or affect you can also be a great place to start.

Having a Reiki Energy Healing is another great way to create a clean slate to get you started on the path of protecting and cleansing your energy field. As a Reiki healer, I channel Universal Life Force Energy through the body so that it can clear blockages and begin the healing process.

If you would like to know more about energy healing or any of the practices I have mentioned above please feel free to contact me (

With love, light & kindness


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