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Crystal Journal - Digital Edition

Crystal Journal - Digital Edition

A printable journal for you to fill out with your own, personalised, crystal information.


Rather than having a book that tells you the standard properties and uses, this printable journal allows you to record the information, uses and properties that you want to know about each crystal.


Building your crystal knowledge in this way helps the information stick!  You can determine what information you want to retain and how you personally want to use the crystals.


In this digital journal for crystals there are some general information pages on caring for crystals in general followed by 67 formated pages for some common crystals including clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, selenite and some lesser known crystals such as pink scolecite.


Each page encourages you to find out a range on information such as the deity and zodiac sign it is associated with, how YOU want to use, cleanse and store it.

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