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The Essential Tarot Resource Bundle

The Essential Tarot Resource Bundle

This ultimate tarot resource bundle has all the templates, guides and helpful hints and tips you need to take your Tarot Readings to the next level.  Whether you are new to The Tarot or a seasoned reader, this resource bundle has something for everyone.


This 44 page printable PDF contains the following:

  • Single Card Pull Journal Template
  • 2 Card Spread Suggestions
  • 2 Card Pull Journal Template
  • 3 Card Spread Suggestions
  • 3 Card Pull Journal Template
  • 4 Card Spread Suggestions
  • 4 Card Pull Journal Template
  • 5 Card Spread Suggestions
  • 5 Card Pull Journal Template
  • 6 Card Spread Suggestions
  • 6 Card Pull Journal Template
  • The Cross Of Truth Journal Template
  • The Traditional Celtic Cross Journal Spread
  • The Tarot Suits Guide
  • Suits Numerology
  • Court Cards Guide
  • Major Arcana Guide
  • Major Arcana Timings
  • Yes, No & Undecided Guide
  • Colour Symbology
  • How To Read Your Birth Cards
  • General Tips & Tricks
  • Reading Tips
  • Tarot Deck Cleansing & Preparing To Read
  • Example Questions To Ask The Tarot
  • Coloured A4 Poster
  • 3 Spiritual Colouring Pages


This guided tarot journal has prompts to help your tarot reading journey.  Learn all the essential tarot tips and tricks that will take your card readings to the next level.

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