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A Positive Life - Anxiety and Stress Relief Journal

A Positive Life - Anxiety and Stress Relief Journal


This journal has been designed and created by Wendy who as well as being an intuitive card reader is also a qualified counsellor.


The "A Positive Life" Journal is an excellent tool to use if you struggle with stress, worry or anxiety.


Each page provides an inspiring quote, affirmation or saying to inspire you in your day ahead and there are prompts to help you:

  • Idenitfy what you are grateful for
  • Set your intention for how you want to show up for the day
  • Acknowledge what your challenges were during the day and how you may have been able to cope with them in a healthier, more positive way
  • Recognising what you enjoyed about the day.  Something that made you smile or you felt proud of yourself for.

The first two prompts are to be used to start your day off on a positive note with the following 2 prompts allowing you to reflect on your day.  The prompts are designed to help you see that while every day may not be positive, there is something postive in everyday.


By working on our mindset and outlook on a daily basis we can begin to challenge and change the natural negative bias we tend to use when viewing life.


This journal contains:

  • 75 Quotes, affirmations and sayings
  • 75 Daily prompted journal spreads to help ease worry and stress and help shift you thinking to being more positive and self affirming.



    This journal is a paperback edition.

    Measurements are approximately 15cm Wide x 23cm Long and 1.0cm Deep.

    There are a total of 75 pages in this journal that are printed on both sides.


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