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Amethyst Crystal Chips

Amethyst Crystal Chips

This beautiful purple stone, associated with the third eye and crown chakras, brings peace and tranquillity to you.


Has also been used to aid self-control to help fight the underlying reasons of addictive behaviour.


Amethyst is generally a healing stone and can be used to help with insomnia and pain relief from headaches and eye strain.


Use in spell casting, on an altar or in a crystal grid to aid in healing, dispel negativity and bring peace and tranquillity to mind, soul and spirit.


Comes in 3 sizes of glass vial with cork stopper.


    Please note that all orders for physical items are shipped within 1 - 3 business days.

    Once the item leaves our premises we have no control over how long it will take to arrive.

    All of our orders are sent with a courier and will therefore have tracking information available to you.


    If you are unhappy with your purchase in any way please contact us immediately.

    Returns are at the expense of the customer.

    Refunds will only be processed once the item has been returned and received into our premises.

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